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RE Music is Raquela Entertainment. Established in 2014. RE Music is a small indie label owned and run by Grammy member, Raquela Burt. Headquartered in Elk Grove, a small city located just south of the Capitol of sunny California. RE Music is currently representing and releasing to the world, musical talents that range from Electronica/Dance/House to Indie/Pop/Rock.


ABOUT RAQUELA: An American singer/songwriter and recording artist who is also an award winning singer/actress who performed leading roles on Broadway. She's opened for Diva's like, Deborah Cox, Lady Gaga, Kristine W, Belinda Carlisle, and many more. Besides her successful charting history, RAQUELA worked with DJ/Producer legends like, Chris 'The Greek', Raphie Rosario and Tony Moran, and Godfather of House music, MICKEY Mixin' OLIVER. She's been played in worldwide clubs like Cielo, Sullivan, Verboten and Trilogy. She's been heard on legendary stations like KTU, Party 105.3, KNGY, Pulse Radio, KSFM and Sirius XM's - BPM.

H.O.P. Music Does It Again With Raquela!

January 01, 2020

HOP Music and Raquela re-unite for more dance floor power! And this time Billboard is recognizing them! Since their first release together back in 2015, SUMMERTIME turned out some top charting positions on DJ TIMES plus many other major American charting systems. No their new EP single, FEELS LIKE LOVE has started climbing Billboards Top 50 Dance Chart on Feb. 22nd, 2020. They're asking all their fans to please follow the song and help speak out (or post) about the song everywhere and as often as possible.


Raquela was spotted on Facebook and Instagram LIVE almost every morning (at pacific standard time) talking about the song and a new controversial challenge she wants to throw at all recording artists. She's calling it the FEELS LIKE LOVE CHALLENGE and she wants to start it the 1st of June, 2020. She wants to make a one year challenge, daring them all to write songs that only contain "positive" messages. More to come on that later.

This EP release will include 12 EDM remixes by Bimbo Jones, Fhil B and Leo Frappier, LA Rush,  Tweaka Turner, Wayne Numan, Twisted Dee and Diego Fernandez, Rob Moore, Hawthorne and Rinaldo Montezz. Along wiht new remix artists like George Von Liger, Maickel Telussa and Digital Freaks. When asked why Raquela has so many mixes in this release, she answered, "I'll give you two reasons... I've been in this business since 1999. Since then, I've made quite a few friends who I've been able to stay loyal to. But mostly because they found out about the positive challenge I'm putting out to the industry and many of them also wanted to get on that wagon with me."

MUSIC Available for Licensing...

January 01, 2020

CAPP Records is proud to present RAQUELA to all Music Supervisors out there looking for the perfect EDM track. "Let the Music Play", "Gloria" and "Tell It To My Heart" are all top favorites from the 80's and Raquela super strong vocals gave them today's EDM breath of LIFE! All are available for your productions! Perfect for any night life, party, fashion or corporate production as well!

Raquela Voted Best Cover Vocalist EVER for TELL IT TO MY HEART

July 31, 2018

TRIVIA TIME! Some people don't know this, but in 2011, Raquela was voted "Best Cover Song Vocalist" of Taylor Dayne's 1987 classic hit, "Tell It To My Heart". Guess what? Raquela is still recognized as the "Best cover vocalist" for this timeless hit! Also, Raquela is listed in the songs' official Wikipedia page. Check it out under the "Notable cover versions" section.


Listen to Taylor's awesome 1987 original ON YOUTUBE

and then listen to Raquela's ON YOUTUBE

1st set of Feedbacks from DJ Times DJ reporters on Raquela's, THESE TEARS

October 26, 2017

I just couldn't wait to share this now! This is just a few of the first that came in so far, there's more to come, but this is from some DJ Times top DJ reporters giving feedback on Raquela's, THESE TEARS ...


Gary Cannavo – Revere, MA
“We love Raquela here at MassPoolDJs. She has always done well with our DJs and will continue to. This is another strong project which will do very well on radio and the mix shows! Good Stuff!!”


DJ Ilan Fong - Columbus, OH
“I like the groove of the original track. Definitely a fan of the Jeff Morena bassline … Klubjumpers left me wanting more…”


Steve Tsepelis - Long Beach CA 
“Has a nice flow. Mix is very well done. Song has a memorable hook... Nice!”


Brian Stephens - Atlanta, GA
“Really like the original extended version. The track has the big house feel to it. I really like the extended version of the track the best…”


DJ Sticky Boots - Goshen, IN
“Love the powerful vocal! Will consider for upcoming shows. The original extended mix is the best fit for me, thanks!”


DJ Laszlo - Denver, CO
“Diggin' the Klubjumpers remix on this one!! Nice track :)”


DJ Chris Egner - Milwaukee, WI
“Standout mix for me is Qubiq Radio mix.”

Local Voice Teacher Back In Music Scene With New Dance Track Hitting Clubs October 2017

September 27, 2017

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Award winning, Broadway actress and American Dance music recording artist, Raquela, has been storming the dance charts worldwide since 1999 with Dance hits like “Falling” (Chris The Greek), “Nothin’ More To give” (House Godfather legend, Mickey Oliver) and "Summertime" (HOP Music). She went back home to Elk Grove, CA to give back to her community and teach voice privately, full time. Due to constant emails from DJ all over the world, she felt it was safe to come back to the music business again. Her students are so ecstatic over it. "...but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop teaching", Raquela warned.

In October, 2017, Raquela will be bringing a fresh cross-over pop sound with “These Tears”. Raquela said, “This project has brought me so much satisfaction with my new-found writing collaboration with Pop recording artist, Xavier Toscano ("Apologies Wasted", "Never Wanna Leave", "Runaway"). This is going to be a seriously exciting release.”  Raquela’s constant powerhouse vocals recently worked out a new label deal on RE Music -

The song was best described as “…trying not to reveal vulnerability during a heart-break.” Meanwhile, you can hear ironic ‘crying’ undertones in Raquela’s beautiful vocal performance. This EP Single is expected to be packed with 7 EDM remixes, giving a total of 14 incredible mixes! Included in the remix line-up are fellow Billboard charters, Klubjumpers, including Qubiq and San Francisco favorite, Jeff Morena, plus MORE. Award-winning filmmaker and editor, Jethro Patalinghug presents a damaged yet seductively hunting music video that will be introduced to the masses in October as well.

"Don't you worry, voice lessons will still be up and running during the release and I expect to see all my students on time for their lessons" -

For Raquela interview scheduling or further information contact:
Raquela Entertainment -

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About RE Music:
RE Music is a Northern California based record label partnered with Raquela Entertainment. RE Music specializes in releasing rock solid Dance/Club tracks along with music videos and mastering. Products are distributed via Raquela Management. Publishing division administrate copyrights.

ALL NEWS MEDIA & EDITORS: For Immediate Release - "SUMMERTIME Re-Release Dedicated to the Orlando Victims"

January 01, 2020

PDF available here -

House of Pride Music dedicates the 2016 re-release of "Summertime Re-Ignited" to the memory of the Orlando victims.


San Francisco, CA, June 17, 2016 --( In the wake of Sunday's tragic massacre at Pulse Orlando​ Night Club, award winning Singer/songwriter, Raquela​ recalled her memories there and how she remembered it to be a place " escape and just express yourself freely."

Last year, the record label, House of Pride Music, had a successful release of Raquela's, "Summertime" in 2015. It charted on DJ Times' Top 10 National Dance chart (USA) and it was mentioned on DJ TIMES 2016 all-time favorite list. This year, House of Pride Music (HOP Music) is honored to dedicate this year’s new re-release of "Summertime (Re-Ignited)" to the memory of the victims in hopes to shed a 'ray of sun light' to all the families and friends who lost their loved ones there. HOP Music also hopes the tragic event will spark a new and positive change throughout all of the communities surrounding the USA.

HOP Music is bringing back sounds by Paul Goodyear​, along with brand new remixes by Golden Boy Mike​, DJ TL SPANX & Veli, Sava Broic and Dee Jay X.

"Summertime​ (Re-Ignited)" is scheduled to come out on the 1st day of summer, June 20th and will be available on digital stores worldwide.

HOP Pride extended to add, "Lets prove that a spineless terrorist killer won't keep us off a summer dance floor!"

"Summertime" still getting special treatment on Club Hits Radio

February 04, 2016

"Summertime" is looking and sounding good on Club Hits Radio, even during the smack middle of winter AND just in time for the release the new remix music video to DjCorey Dee's mix!!! Stay tuned everyone!!!

Happy New 2016 Everyone!

January 01, 2016

Summertime in the Wintertime? Oh Yeah! NOW I bet you all wish it was still Summertime, I mean, don't you? Well, just to continue feeding into my SUMMERTIME madness we've added yet another new Summertime music video for 2016! This time its showcasing the Paul Goodyear mix!!! Be sure to subscribe to HOP music's YouTube channel and give the video a thumbs up rating. Enjoy everyone!

Happy Holidays To Everyone!

December 18, 2015

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Hey DJ's! Make sure you have your Holiday sets ready and be sure to add Raquela in your next Christmas party mix!!!

Raquela, "What Child Is This"
Get a copy today. Available on iTunes ! (DJ's, please contact raquela for a copy)
Check out the MUSIC VIDEO
Professional VJ's! Here is the EXTENDED/CLUB MUSIC VIDEO Version

Raquela, "Dear Santa, Bring Me A Man!"
Download a cpoy from Soundcloud Now!
Check out the VIDEO PROMO
Professional VJ's! Here is the EXTENDED/CLUB VIDEO PROMO

Raquela, "Keep Christmas With You (All Through The Year)"
Download a copy from Soundcloud Now!
Check out the MUSIC VIDEO
Professional VJ's! Here is the EXTENDED/CLUB MUSIC VIDEO Version

Promotions by - PROMO RUSH

HOP Music Hit, "SUMMERTIME" Seeking 2016 Remixers?

December 01, 2015

HOP Music (House of Pride Music) is considering a re-release of the Top 10 charter for 2016 but with brand new remixes! There's no such thing as having too much Summer. Currently, HOP is seeking industry remixers to submit exclusive auditions. Dry vocals can be requested exclusively from HOP Music at

Raquela's SUMMERTIME... ALL year long?

November 21, 2015

Great news! In the September issue of DJ Times, Raquela's newest release, "Summertime" has hit the Top 10 national charts!  Winter is just around the corner, but it's a though everyone wants Summer all year long!

From the owners of House of Pride Music (HOP Music): Raquela is back bigger, stronger and faster on H.O.P. Music! H.O.P. Music is "House of Pride Music"! ‘House of Pride Music’ is a San Francisco record label dedicated to huge thumping bass beats that are compelled by diva driven vocals for anthem posessed dance floors. We couldn't be more prouder that she chose our label for her newest come-back of her long awaited EP single, "Summertime". Please share this news everywhere AND please do it as often as you can! Let's get our street-teaming going and really see Raquela 'shine' on this one!


Buy SUMMERTIME  on CD Baby or iTunes TODAY!

Check out SUMMERTIME on Vevo

Don't forget to follow Raquela on Facebook -

Raquela's "Tell It To My Heart" - Still Telling It!

November 21, 2015

Don't forget about Raquela's 1st Remix release limited CD of TELL IT TO MY HEART on sale now!


November 21, 2015

ATTENTION: Potential Voice Students
Acquiring about Raquela's exclusive private voice lessons in Elk Grove, CA? Please click on this link - “VOICE, with RAQUELA

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